Tips for traveling to Dubai

Visiting Dubai can be the best traveling experience of your life if you plan it efficiently. Do as much online research as you can before you finally arrive in this hot tourism destination. The more you know, the better it gets. You should have decent bit of information about the local culture, weather, travel destinations, ways to hangout, and the best time to travel to this jewel in the desert.


Following are some of the tips that can come really handy for any tourist whether he or she is coming to Dubai for the first time or is travelling the place after a long time.


  1. The best time to travel to Dubai is between October and April, as per the travel experts. Dubai has always been regarded as a place of only hot weather but in the recent times, the city has witnessed beautiful winters and even recorded snow during winter season. Dubai also gets a few rains during this period, which makes it a great experience for the foreign tourists.
  2. If you’re looking to travel to Dubai on a budget, try to book your seats six months ahead of your departure date. Generally, the airline companies release their cheapest rates about six months ahead in time. This gives you the chance and the liberty to book flights in advance at cheaper rates and focus on other aspects of your tour.
  3. Just like airline companies, the hospitality industry also releases the hotel rates in advance, so you always have the chance to perfectly plan your trip to Dubai. However, you have to be proactive in this case because Dubai is a popular tourist destination and there is always a chance that you might not get the booking in your favorite hotel. So, the quicker the better. Booking your hotel two to three months in advance always give you peace of mind as a tourist.
  4. If your visit falls within the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, you should respect the practice of fasting. You can show respect by avoiding smoking, drinking, or eating in public during the fasting times which generally run between sunrise and sunset.
  5. Always make sure to booze around in a bar or a club and don’t just start having intoxicating beverages in public, because it is a crime in Dubai. Public drinking and driving are prohibited and may lead you to hefty fines.


Although Dubai is a mix of strict and liberated regimes of laws and regulations, one is sure to have a royal experience as a foreign tourist in the midst of the desert.