4 Expectations You Need To Manage When Renting An Apartment

Renting a space offers a number of benefits, especially for cash-strapped individuals who are looking for their own place. It is relatively cheaper than buying a property. Also, you can save from amenities as some landlords offer the use of utilities to tenants for free.

However, as tenants, you need to manage some of the expectations that come with living in an apartment. As a tenant of a studio in Business Bay, here are some expectations that you need to know and deal with:

Expectation 1: The apartment is not yours

It is very easy to get carried away when you are living on your own, even if it is just for lease. You might feel that you own the space. In fact, you do own it, for a limited amount of time. Tenants would need to bear in mind this fact so they will always be aware of their responsibilities as a tenant – from taking care of the place to paying the apartment lease on time. Should there be any issues with regards to the rent, you need to take it up with your landlord and building admin.

Expectation 2: There will be rules

Some renters might feel that since they are renting the space, they will not be bound by the rules set by the building admin or the landlord. Following the rules are necessary to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the tenants. When you move into your new apartment, be sure to know the rules and regulations. If you have concerns about certain policies, talk to your landlord and see what arrangements could be made.

Expectation 3: Not everything is for free

Although there are some landlords and property owners who are offering their amenities for free, do not expect that everything would be free-of-charge. You might be surprised when your monthly lease breakdown and see a number of charges that you need to pay like the association dues and general electricity for the building (usually for lighting the hallways and use of elevators). To prevent confusion about these fees, it would be best to clarify with the building owner what these charges are.

Expectation 4: You have neighbors to mind

Since you are living in an apartment building, you need to remember that there are other people living there as well. So it is a must that you act accordingly at all times. You need to ensure that your actions are in check to avoid offending others living on the same property.

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