Dubai as the next big thing in medical tourism

Medical tourism is the rising industry in the world which connects patients with the best doctors and the top medical facilities located in other countries. The international healthcare is considered an expensive option for many people in the world but truth of the matter is that the medical tourism industry enables many patients to get access to the top quality but affordable medical services. This is the very reason why this industry is getting popular at a brisk pace across the world.


The patients get access to the best medical facilities and services in the countries where cost medical care is on the lower side when compared with the countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and several other European countries. Many countries in Asia and the Middle East are in the run to become the next big destination to get the lion’s share of the international medical tourism industry.


India, Singapore, South Korea, Costa Rica, and Thailand have emerged on the international scene with the claims of providing the best medical services at affordable rates. Their contribution to the international medical industry is not only helping many patients from across the globe but also helping them in making a huge profit. The success of the above-mentioned countries has also inspired many other countries to join the bandwagon of international medical tourism industry. Malaysia has also started making its mark at an international level with respect to provision of quality medical services and facilities to not only local patients but they have also invited foreigners to get access to their healthcare system. In the last three years, the international medical tourism industry has surged by 30 percent in Malaysia which helped the country to earn around 162.3 million U.S. dollars in 2012 alone.


Apart from Malaysia, Dubai has also become one of the hottest destinations for the foreigners who seek quality healthcare services and facilities. There is no doubt that Dubai is home to some of the best hospitals and boasts quality human resource from across the globe. By 2005, Dubai had employed over 2,500 medical professionals working at its Dubai Healthcare City project, which had two hospitals and over 90 outpatient laboratories and clinics. By 2011, the Dubai Healthcare City was catering to approximately 502,000 patients, of which 15 percent were foreign health tourists.


Many other countries like Philippines and Pakistan are also gearing up to become part of this huge medical tourism industry and the coming years will further expand its reach across the globe.