British and American Curriculums in Dubai Schools

The United Arab Emirates is regarded as the trade hub in the Middle Eastern region and a lot of companies have established their international and regional wings in Dubai to expand their global reach and tap the regional markets with their products, goods, and services. This massive economic activity has attracted a huge influx of high quality human resource from across the world. Many of these expatriates have moved to the UAE with their families including their children. However, we all know that the cost of education in the UAE is on the higher side and not affordable for many. Besides, getting admission in a reputable international school is nothing like easy. Check here the minimum requirements of the British and American curriculum schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In the last few years, the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have witnessed a massive growth in the education sector with some of the leading international schools setting their feet in the UAE. The expats community mostly look at the factors like affordability, curriculum, and tuition options before they select a school for their children. However, getting an admission in a well-reputed school in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a tough task as these schools generally have a long waiting list. However, the schools which have just started their operations are likely to welcome all and sundry to their premises. As an expat in the UAE, you always have to keep an eye on your financial resources and fiscal planning, especially when it comes to the education expenses. There are many expats who don’t get an education budget from their employers so they always have to keep a check on the overall education expenditure.

As per the recent surveys and studies, the expats community prefers enrolling their children to international schools rather than the Emirati state schools. When deciding on these two options, the expat parents generally cite international environment, learning in a global language, studying with a diverse group of different nationalities, getting educated from the highly qualified educators, and top quality British or American curriculum. On the other hand, most of the Arabic-speaking local nationals still prefer enrolling the kids to an Emirati state school since the medium of education is Arabic, which is their native language. You can find the list of British curriculum schools in Dubai on this link.